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Consulting for entrepreneurs, establish nursing registries and  healthcare professionals in starting and solving problems for the nursing registry business ....... Own by and operated by nurses.
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How To Start A Nursing Registry Business Program, Updated for 2012
Build A Fortune in the Nursing Registry, Non Medical and Medical Homecare, Healthcare Recruiting Business. 

A billion dollar industry with no end to the phenomenal growth in sight due to declining enrollment and the aging population of medical professionals,  especially nurses. The aging baby boomers have become the hot new market and rapid growth area for the ambitious entrepreneur.

Are you an RN, LPN, CNA, PCA who have experiences in the medical field, or a business entrepreneur who wants to enter the Nursing Registry Business? Do you want to start a new career, a new job  or start Nursing Registry  business?  Or simply want to increase your income as a self employed independent nurse contractor? Or are you a nursing staffing agency owner that wants a solution to your problem? NursePartners have the solutions.

NursePartners is a Nursing Registry - Homecare - Medical Recruiting Consulting Service that customizes  solutions to your needs.  We are nurses and have own and operated a Nursing Registry business  and have been in the Nursing Registry consulting services  since 2001 and medical staffing agency since 1997.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR BUSINESS STATE FILING.

Our Nursing Registry  business start up guide: 

Will teach you how to start  your own Nursing Registry business.

Will teach you how to start a Nursing Registry staffing business.

Will teach you how to become a medical healthcare recruiter.

Provides information in starting a non medical and medical homecare business.

Learn to become a self employed nurse as an independent nurse contractor.

Includes all documents and forms needed to start a nursing staffing agency business.  details

Includes support system for one (1) year with the a Nursing Registry consultant via email or telephone.   details

Includes bundled business software for your Nursing Registry business. details

Provide access to a nationwide listings of searchable database of potential clients, healthcare providers, such as hospitals, nursing homes, doctor clinics and  therapy centers.. This Free Access is utilize by our medical staffing agency company.

Provides resources for medical and dental benefits for your employee or sub-contractor.

Affiliate program. With the purchase of the program, you are instantly affiliated with NursePartners. details.

With the purchase of the program, you are entitled for one year free membership as an associate recruiter for NursePartners. More info in the package.

Legal advice available. (Optional.) More info in the package.

Homecare documents and forms (Optional.)  Not included in the Standard Package.  details
Our  Nursing Registry  business start up guide can put you to fast track of success. Meticulously researched and backed by 15 years of combined experience of  NursePartners.  Our guides take you step by step through every aspect of the start up process. It's like having a start up expert with you every step of the way.  Starting a Nursing Registry business or how to be an independent nurse contractor takes a lot of legal know how and time for research. Our program also minimizes your learning curve due to trial and error.  Purchasing this manual will offers tips and guidelines in starting your dream and also includes one (1) year of FREE Consulting Service vial email and telephone with the owners of NursePartners.

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